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DoD Report Co-Authored by Inspirata Cleared for Open Publication

The findings of an evaluation of the Department of Defense’s (DoD) State Partnership Programs (SPP) has been published on the department's website. The report, co-authored by Inspirata Consulting, provides insight into a year-long assessment of the impact and efficiency of the SPP.

The report highlights Inspirata's analysis of the SPP’s performance and contributions to expected outcomes. Our analysis identified factors affecting performance, such as planning processes; objectives; adequacy and clarity of legal, regulatory, and policy guidance; and program management and execution factors.

In addition to the findings related to SPP, the report serves as a demonstration of the scientifically rigorous methodology performed in the collection and analysis of data for the evaluation, which was performed by Inspirata's team of PhD-educated, industry-leading evaluation experts.

Read the report here.

About Us

Inspirata Consulting is a certified service-disabled veteran and women-own small business with decades of experience achieving critical missions for the Department of Defense and other Federal Government agencies.

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