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Inspirata Develops Curriculum for JSOU

Updated: May 11, 2022

Inspirata Consulting is excited to be collaborating with PAE to develop curriculum for the Joint Special Operations University (JSOU) as it strives to create innovative learning pathways for America's 75,000 special operators. Leveraging our network of scholars and practitioners, we are building learning modules to help intelligence personnel in the special operations community understand theory, practice, and future trends in irregular warfare (IW) and competition.

Inspirata will deliver a six-lesson education module on Intelligence Assessment of IW as part of the Strategic Intelligence pathway at JSOU. The module includes theory, history and practice.

The theory phase introduces students to existing academic literature on non-state armed group formation, organization, and behavior. The history phase provides an examination of historical case studies, and the practice phase delves into intelligence assessment framework for non-state armed groups. The module will be offered two times a year.

About Us

Inspirata Consulting is a certified service-disabled veteran and women-own small business with decades of experience achieving critical missions for the Department of Defense and other Federal Government agencies.

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